Cars and Trucks For Sale, Ajax Ontario, Canada

SAG, Ontario

If you're tired of searching all over Ontario in hopes of finding that amazing time saving machine we know as the automobile than let us take over! When searching for a pre owned vehicle now a days there are so many variables too take into account that you virtually need a doctorate in the vehicle industry.

Finding a vehicle may seem easy because of today's technology however it can be dangerous due to that same technology. Weather the danger comes from a fraudulent internet advertisement, or the unknown computer, electrical or mechanical malfunctions unknown to a potential buyer. Hear at SAG we have put together a system that will make your next vehicle purchase practically effortless. We basically just need to know what you want. As long as your budget is relative to your vehicle of choice we will be able to assist. We have not set up this service as a discount hunter, where we find you the cheapest vehicle possible.

SAG Locate has been configured in order too save you time, money and provide you with the best possible mode of transportation fro your extremely hard earned dollar. Our buying process is very specific weather you would like us to locate you a $10 000 Kia or a $210 000 Bentley we will take all the appropriate steps to ensure purchase protection. We will also take the time to have a free consultation which requires absolutely Zero money or commitment from you. Our very knowledgeable staff will find out what your needs wants and styles are and present you with the vehicles that best fit you as an individual as well as your life style.


Depreciation on a vehicle is another large part of the vehicle purchasing process that many people do not remember. SAG will be sure to obtain you the vehicle of your choice that will also have the highest resale value possible, this makes it very simple to trade or sell your vehicle at any time, while minimizing any financial loses. When you are ready too place your order there are a few short steps we need you to follow.

  1. S.A.G. free consultation;
    We will asses your needs wants and preferences and determine a budget.
  2. Chose a method of payment you may use your own finances or we can provide you with one of our lenders such as RBC, TD, Scotia. We can have you pre approved within minutes and that will determine a budget. You will be provided with a monthly payment and interest rate.
  3. Now that we have determined the method of payment we can chose a vehicle. You can request things such as time line, color, engine size, year, make, model, doors and approximate kilometers. We will also set the price based on the specific criteria you have provided us with. A deposit off 10% will be held in a trust account that is governed by the Ontario Motor Vehicle Council Until your vehicle is found. This deposit "IS" refundable if we fail to meet your demands. You have the ability to physically check over the vehicle prior to final payment. If any significant defects are found and a resolution to repair cannot be found than your deposit will be returned.
  4. The vehicle has been picked so we will then proceed to obtain an email address from you. Our vehicles are purchased from online manufacture and dealer-only auctions. We are very strict about where we purchase! We are able to send you enough photos of your potential vehicle to ensure your comfort. Carproof and/or Carfax reports can and will be checked and be provided to you, prior to purchase at our expense. All vehicles purchased are sent for post-sale inspections to check for undisclosed previous paint, body or frame repairs and mechanical defects.
  5. Once you have approved of the vehicle you will send us a confirmation email which will prompt us to make the purchase.
  6. The vehicle you custom ordered arrives you come in to inspect it and set a delivery date.